Young Israel of St. Louis


27 Cheshvan, 5767







Friday, Nov. 17th

Candle lighting………………………….4:29 PM                        Shacharis during week: Sun.8 AM

Mincha/Maariv…………………….……4:25 PM                      Mon., Thurs. 6:30 AM, Tues., Wed. 6:30 AM & Fri. 6:40 AM


Saturday, Nov. 18th                                                                                  Mincha & Maariv during week – 4:25PM

Hashkama Minyan……………………….7:30 AM                    Daf Yomi Shiur during week see Rabbi Rosenbloom

Chumash Shiur……………...………........8:00 AM                    Sof Z’man Krias Shema……….... 9:17 AM

**Shacharis………………………………9:00 AM                                                      

Special Shiur……..………..………….….3:30 PM

Mincha…………………………….……..4:20 PM                    The Eruv is…………….UP!

Shabbos Ends…………………….….…...5:28 PM                   Evening Shema……………after 5:29 PM

**Guest D’var Torah by Rabbi Jeremy Kagan  


Kiddush: sponsors needed.                                                                                        


Shalosh Seudos: sponsored by Diane Fredman & Family and Jackie & Howard Oppenheimer & Family commemorating the 23rd yarhzeit of Zelda Goldberg.


ROSH CHODESH KISLEV, Tues. & Wed, Nov. 21st & 22nd


Special Shiur at 3:30 PM given by Rabbi Jeremy Kagan entitled:

“Critique of Pure Treason:  Understanding the Sin of Understanding”



Shabbat Groups led by Uria Teperberg.  Groups are from 10:00 – 11:15 AM

1st-6th Grades: Jr. Congregation

Age 4-1st grade: Davening groups

Up to 4 yrs: Babysitting

Derech Eretz Sunday Club at Young Israel:  9:15-10:15 AM (K-2nd grade) 10:15-11:15 AM (3rd -7th grade)


Please note! The new TMK parent-child learning program is cancelled this week and will resume next week.


Important Note to Parents: Parents are reminded that they are responsible for their children while on Shul property.  We ask that every child be either with a parent or in one of the supervised youth programs listed above.  This is essential for the safety of our children and the protection of Shul property.  Thanks for your cooperation.      



KIDNAPPED CHAYALEI ZAHAL- Gilad ben Aviva (Shallit), Ehud ben Malka (Goldwasser), and Eldad ben Tova



MAZEL TOVto Jackie & Alan Gerson on the birth of a granddaughter, to Elana & Jonathan Kaplan of Teaneck.

                  - to Al Adelman on the birth of a great granddaughter, Aliza, to Rivie & Moishe Levenberg and to the grandparents Yisrael & Rivie Adelman.

                  -  to Bess Pearl & Family upon the graduation of her granddaughter, Antal Pearl, from Tel Aviv University Law School and passing the Bar.

REFUAH SHELAIMAHRaphael Dovid  (ben Bracha), Tehilla (bas Bracha), Rabbi Shalom Rivkin (Rav Shalom ben Neche Faiga), Ruven Kirshner (ben Tovah Chaya), the son of Rabbi & Mrs. Menachem Kirshner, Shoshana (bas Pesha) and Adina Chaya (bas Sarah).




Sunday:  Please note, morning class given by Dr. Mitch Wolf from 9 -10 AM will not be held this week.  

Mondays:    8:15 PM at Young Israel:  Paths of Justice, taught in English by Uria Teperberg. (All are welcome.)

Tuesday:   11:00 AM Women’s Parsha class.          8:30 PM Talmud, Sanhedrin, with Rabbi Amiel Rosenbloom.

Wednesday:    9:15 AMWeekly Beit Midrash for women given by Vardit Teperberg at the home of Faye Newman 7916 Stanford.

     Please note: 7-8 PM Mesechta Berachot class given by Dr. Katz will not be held this week.  Dr. Katz’s class was incorrectly listed in the bulletin as (M) for men and should be (E), open to everyone.  His next shiur will be on Wed., Nov. 29th.

Thursday:  7:30-8:30 PM with Dov Zeffren. Topics from the weekly Parsha

ULPAN CLASS Tuesday, 7:00 PM.  Please contact Vardit at 314-420-3696



WOMEN’S DIVISIONSAVE THE DATE!  Saturday, December 16th for a Sisterhood Chanukah luncheon chaired by Melissa Perlman & Aviva Adler.   Please send your membership dues, $36, to Leah Horowitz, 8263 Tulane Ct., at your earliest convenience.


ROSH CHODESH PARTY FOR WOMEN Sunday, Nov. 19th at 8:30 PM at Vickie Isakow’s home on 8042 Tulane.


LATER NIGHT MAARIVa request has been made to the interim Committee for a later night Maariv minyan., Sun. or Mon. through Thurs.  The Committee wants to determine if there is sufficient interest for such a minyan during the winter months (Nov.-March).  The Committee does not want to take away from the existing Maariv minyan which follows Mincha.  If you would be interested in such a minyan, please e-mail or call the shul office, Alan Gerson (; 997-7257) or Mordechai Simon  ( and let us know what time(s) you would be willing to attend on a regular basis.  The Committee will then see if there is sufficient interest to start a later night minyan.


NEXT SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE PROGRAM - will take place the weekend of Dec. 1-2, and feature Rabbi Mark Dratch.  Rabbi Dratch has a special interest and expertise in the halachic issues surrounding child abuse and domestic violence.  Rabbi Dratch served as a congregational Rabbi for 22 years, most recently as the Rav of Congregation Agudath Sholom in Stamford, CT.  There will be an oneg Friday night at the home of Drs. Stan Biel & Leila Redlich, as well as other shiurim and activities during his visit.



Camp Moshava of Wild Rose, WI, is hosting an open house at 8 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 20, at the home of Rachel and Michael Shapiro, 7823 Blackberry Ave., (314) 862-3745. Come and learn why Camp Moshava, a co-ed, Religious Zionist/Centrist Orthodox camp for 3rd-11th graders, has served thousands of Jewish campers, including many from the St. Louis area, since 1939. For more information call (847) 674-9733x12, or email

Downtown Mincha Minyan - 12:45 PM daily at Jeff Roth's office at 1015 Locust, Suite 812. For more information, please contact Doniel Lefton, Dugie Baron, Harvey Iken or David Hirschhorn.


THE ST. LOUIS KOLLEL – proudly presents legal holiday learning on Thanksgiving, Thurs. Nov. 23rd at Agudas Israel.  8:00 AM Shacharis followed by a deluxe lox & bagel breakfast. “Thanksgiving – Hilchos Berochos” at 9:35 AM, “Back to the Source”, learn the sugya inside, and 10:15-11:00 AM – Rabbi Shlomo Soroka.


Hanukkah Hugs 2006 Please bring a new, unwrapped gift to Young Israel and brighten the life of a child this Hanukkah Season.   A collection box is located downstairs.  Please see flyer on bulletin board for more info.

JEWISH FOOD PANTRY’S ANNUAL DRIVE - The food pantry serves hundreds of families in the Jewish and non-Jewish community and is the only local food pantry that provides kosher food on request to its clients. It is important that we support this endeavor and help the less fortunate in our own community.  Collection boxes are located downstairs.

Rabbi Bienenfeld’s U.S. number is 314-450-8731. 

 Email address:, (Please Note: the Rabbi’s email is temporarily down. He hopes it will be up & running soon.) 

Address:  Trimo Levi 8/2 Arnona Jerusalem 93783   Phone:  2-672-5466