Young Israel of St. Louis


27 Adar 5767





Parshat HaCodesh


Friday, Mar 16th  

Candle lighting…………………………..6:51 PM                       Shacharis during week: Sun. 8:00 AM

Mincha/Maariv…………………….…….6:50 PM                     Mon., Tues, & Thurs. 6:30 AM  

                                                                                                                              Wed & Fri 6:40 AM


Saturday, Mar 17th.                                                                                 Mincha & Maariv during week – 6:55 PM

Hashkama Minyan……………………….7:30 AM                    Daf Yomi Shiur during week see Rabbi Rosenbloom

Chumash Shiur.……………...……….......8:00 AM                    Sof Z’man Krias Shema……….... 10:10 AM

Shacharis..……………………………..…9:00 AM                                                      

Mincha…………………………….……..6:45 PM                    The Eruv is…………….UP!

Shabbos Ends…………………….….…...7:52 PM                   Evening Shema……………after 7:53 PM


Kiddush:  sponsored by Joseph Feder, Joel Garbow, Larry Gornish, Charles Lefton, Barry Needle, and Mitch Wolf in commemoration of the yarhrzeit of Rabbi Yehiel Michel Epstein, the author of Aruch Hashulchan.


Shalosh Seudos:  sponsored by Dr. Robert & Barbara Strashun in loving remembrance of the yahrzeits of Robert’s father, Harold Strashun, Barbara’s father, William Rothman and Barbara’s brother, Stewart Rothman.


ROSH CHODESH NISSAN Tuesday, March 20th




KIDNAPPED CHAYALEI ZAHAL- Gilad ben Aviva (Shallit), Ehud ben Malka (Goldwasser), and Eldad ben Tova (Regev)


REFUAH SHELAIMAHZiva Adler (Ziva Tikva bat Luba Bracha), Rafael Dovid (ben Bracha) the son of Rabbi & Mrs. Grunberger, Ruven Kirshner (ben Tovah Chaya), the son of Rabbi & Mrs. Menachem Kirshner, Zev Eliezer (ben Chaya Shaindel) the nephew of Tziona Zeffren, and Malka bas Chaya.


MAZEL TOV! – to the Sunday morning Tanach study group for finishing Ezekiel.  We will be starting Trei-Asar this Sunday and all are welcome.  It has been said (or should have) that great rewards can come from Minor Prophets.

                  - to Dr. Hilton & Rene Price on the birth of a granddaughter, Nava Tova, to Nechama & Jonathan Price of N.J.




Sunday:  9-10 AM class in Trei-Asar given by Dr. Mitch Wolf. 

Mondays:    8:15 PM at Young Israel:  Paths of Justice, taught in English by Uria Teperberg. (All are welcome.)

Tuesday:    11 AM  Women’s Parsha class given by Rabbis Rovinsky & Levitansky. 

 8:30 PM Talmud, Sanhedrin, Rabbi Amiel Rosenbloom.

Wednesday:   9:15 AM   Weekly Beit Midrash for women given by Vardit Teperberg at the home of Faye Newman 7916 Stanford.

Thursday:      7:30-8:30 PM with Dov Zeffren. Topics from the weekly Parsha   

 7:30 PM  Mesechta Berachot class given by Dr. Katz.  ( Please note: Thurs. this week only.)








MATZAH ONLY HAND SHMURAH MATZAH and WHOLE WHEAT MATZAH will be ready for pick-up this Sunday, March 18th after the morning service.  The machine matzah & machine matzah meal, grape juice, and gefilta fish should arrive this coming week.  We will notify everyone when they are delivered.  Thank you.


MOAS CHITIMPlease give generously to the annual Vaad Hoeir Moas Chitim campaign.  The needs are greater than ever.  We have more people to help and it continues throughout the year.  Please send your contribution to Vaad Hoeir Moas Chitim, 4 Millstone Campus, 63146.  Thank you, Merle Hartstein, Chair, Moas Chitim/Tzedaka.


PESACH EDUCATION NIGHT at Young Israel on Monday, March 19th at 8:00 PM, sponsored by the Vaad. Rabbi Zuravin has delivered Vaad produced Pesach Brochures to the Shul, and they are available at the office for a suggested $1.00 donation. 


CLEAN-UP  - There are articles of clothing and other sundry items that people have left at the Shul.  They will be removed from the hallways and given away before Pesach.   If you think you’ve left something at the Shul, please claim them A.S.A.P.

Also, please remember to clean out your Shul boxes. Thank you.


Young Israel directoryanyone with changes to their address or phone number, please contact the office so that we may update the Shul directory for the Annual Dinner.


DON’T MISS!   our next Shul Melaveh Malka, Saturday, March 24th at 9:15 PM.  Featuring guest speaker, Rabbi Dratch,

and an ice cream sundae bar.  It will be a Moovilicious good time.


PICTURE DAY AT Y.I.! - All members of Young Israel are invited for a congregational family portrait on Sunday, March 25th at 9:30 AM. Family includes everyone!!!!


SPEAKERS WANTED – Anyone with children, other family members or friends visiting over Pesach and may be a candidate to give a shiur or talk at the Shul, please contact either Mordechia Simon or Daniel Lefton with their names.  We’re proud to showcase our homegrown talent as much as possible.  Thank you. 


Volunteers Needed, Wanted and Invited!:  Once again, it’s time for our Chinese Food Fundraiser, and we are looking for those who want to have fun and help us deliver the goods!   We need people to help unload the truck when it arrives—it’s a free workout!  If you can help us—and we want you all--please contact Vicki Isakow at 862-5661 (home), 753-4079 (cell), or 

Thank you in advance for your participation!  J




NCSY is holding a Jewish gift and book sale with Pesach and other items, all 50-70% off, March 18th , 10-Noon, March 19th, 5-8 PM and March 20th,  6-8 PM at 8055 Amherst, 314-863-2234.  (Sale benefits St. Louis NCSY)


TMK EVENTSWomen’s Rosh Chodesh Party will be held on March 17th at 8:30 PM at the home of Selina Rovinsky, 8001 Gannon.  Ulpan Graduation:  TMK invites everyone to celebrate the graduation of the Ulpan class of 5767, Thurs., March 29th at 7:30 PM at Young Israel.


Annual Adam Cherrick Lecture - Wednesday, March 21, 7 PM, Washington University Law School (Anheuser-Busch Hall, Room 204): Professor Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert, Stanford University, "Making a Home in the Diaspora: Judaism and the Neighborhood, the Significance of the Eruv for Jewish life in the Diaspora".


BYHSis offering a Pre-Pesach babysitting extravaganza for kids ages 3-11 at the girl’s school on Sunday, March 25th from noon-5 PM.  Cost: $3.50. RSVP preferred, 314-872-8701.  See flyer on bulletin board for more information.



Rabbi Bienenfeld’s U.S. number is 314-450-8731.   Email address:,

Address:  Primo Levi 8/2 Arnona Jerusalem 93783   Phone:  2-672-5466