This week's bulletin is sponsored in honor of Donna Iken's return from a successful year of studying at Midreshet Harova in Jerusalem, by her parents Dorit Daphna-Iken and Harvey Iken and her brothers Daniel and David.


Young Israel of St. Louis


27 Av 5767





Friday, Aug. 10th

Candle lighting………………….7:44 PM                      Shacharis during week: Sun. 8:00 AM

Mincha/Maariv………………….7:00 PM                    Mon., Tu., Weds. & Thurs. 6:30 AM

                                                                                                            Friday 6:40 AM


Saturday, Aug. 11th                                                                   Mincha & Maariv during week – 7:35 PM

Hashkama Minyan.………….... 7:30 AM                      Daf Yomi Shiur during week see Rabbi Rosenbloom

Chumash Shiur…………………8:00 AM                      Sof Z’man Krias Shema……….... 9:39 AM

Shacharis……..………… …….9:00 AM                     

Mincha…………………………..7:35 PM                   The Eruv is………..………UP!!

Shabbos Ends.……………..…...8:43 PM                     Evening Shema……………after 8:45 PM                                                            
Rosh Chodesh Elul: Tuesday, August 14 and Wednesday, August 15
Kiddush:  Sponsored by Ephraim Fass to thank the members of the community for their warm welcome these past few months, and on the occasion of the arrival of his wife Hester and their three children, Eitan, Tamar and Eran, from Israel.
Shalosh Seudos:  Co-sponsored by the Yankowitz and Wilhelm families in honor of Bonnie Goldmeir for her thoughtfulness and many kindnesses and by Janet Weinberg in the merit of a Refuah Shelaima for Panina Medow Licht.
Special Shiur given by Dr. Rabbi Pinchas Hayman at 6:30 PM.  
His topic: “Back to the Future:  Innovative Methodology in Teaching Torah She’Be’al Peh”
Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman received rabbinical ordination and his Doctorate at Yeshiva University (RIETS). He lectured in the Department of Talmud at Bar Ilan, serving as the University's Dean of Students and as Director of the Joseph H. Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora. Rabbi Dr. Hayman is engaged in the production of curricula and teaching & learning materials for the teaching of Mishnah and Talmud in primary, secondary and post-secondary schools.  
 Welcome Rabbi Dr. Hayman!



MAZEL TOV - to Jackie & Alan Gerson on the upcoming Bar Mitzvah in Israel of their grandson, Dov.

- to Bob and Judy Hellman on the upcoming marriage of their son David to Ariella Cohen.

- to Debbie and Ethan Schuman on the birth of a granddaughter Gabriella to Gila and Yitz.

STONE DEDICATION – There will be a Stone/Monument Dedication for Bernadine Zimbalist at noon on Sunday, August 19th, at the Beth Hamedrosh HaGadol Cemetery, 9124 Ladue Rd.


WELCOMEWe welcome new members Epharim and Hester Fass and their children Eitan, Tamar and Eran.


REFUAH SHELAIMAHDr. Hillel Nachum Goldstein (ben Batya Eta), Rafael Dovid Grunberger (ben Bracha), Ruven Kirshner (ben Tovah Chaya), Zev Eliezer (ben Chaya Shaindel), Malka bas Chaya, and Panina Medow Licht (Panina bas Rochel Ettel).

KIDNAPPED CHAYALEI ZAHAL- Gilad ben Aviva (Shallit), Ehud ben Malka (Goldwasser), and Eldad ben Tova (Regev)



Sunday: 9-10 AM Class in Trei-Asar given by Dr. Mitch Wolf. (cancelled this week)

Mondays: 8:15 PM Paths of Justice, taught in English by Uria Teperberg.

Tuesday: 11:00 AM Women’s Parsha class given by Rabbis Rovinsky & Levitansky.

                                                                                                            After Maariv: Talmud, Sanhedrin, Rabbi Amiel Rosenbloom.

Wednesday: 9:15 AM Beit Midrash for Women by Vardit Teperberg will be at Faye Newman’s, 7916 Stanford

After Maariv: Mesechta Berachot class given by Dr. Norman Katz.

Thursday: 7:30-8:30 PM Dr. Dov Zeffren, Topics from the weekly Parsha.


Zippi 20 - studying at Stern College in NY, with a double major in Jewish Studies and Biology.  Graduated Ulpanat Orot High school in Toronto and spent a year in Israel at Michlalah.  Her hobbies include guitar. 

Dassi 18 - graduated Ulpanat Orot, and heading off to Israel to study at Sha'alvim for Women.  Dassi has inherited her mother's artistic talent, and plays the violin.

Shmuli 15 - entering grade 11 at Block, Shmuli plays the drums, and is a natural talent with anything round (that is, any kind of ball!)

Avital 13 - entering grade 9 at Block, Avital also plays the flute, and is an avid reader.

Yechiel 3½ - will charm his way into your heart.

Galit - 1½ - is right behind Yechiel.  But watch out for your cell phones - she has a fetish for the 'hallo'.

Rabbi Shulman’s home phone numbers are: family 727-8055, Rabbi’s study 725-6130.


Shul News

SAVE THE DATE: Next Shabbat August 18th, Rabbanit Chana Henkin will give a special shiur. Her topic: “Curators and Innovators: Why Didn’t Moshe Rabbenu Understand R. Akiva”. She will also give a shiur 1 hour before Mincha. The topic will be announced.

Reminder! - The High Holiday seating forms and Yizkor forms are due by August 27th. The babysitting forms are due no later than September 5th. Thank you!

Reading glasses - two pair of reading glasses were found. They are in the Shul office.

Cardinal tickets – Two extra tickets are available for purchase to the Young Israel Cardinal’s game on Aug. 21st. Contact Rachel Lubchansky for more info at or 314-726-2163.

Sunday August 26th. We’re having a shul picnic to welcome Rabbi Moshe and Baila Shulman and their family, 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM, at Irv Zeid Park on Old Bonhomme next to Logos School. Please mark your calendar and stay tuned for RSVP information.

Community News

Holiday Celebration - Children ages 3-9 and their parents and grandparents are invited to celebrate the fall holidays at PJ Storytime on Tuesday, September 11th at 6:45 PM, at the Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library. There is no charge, but reservations are required by Sept. 10th by calling the Brodsky Library, 442-3720, or email Please see flyer on bulletin board.

Jewish Council Against Family Violence & Jewish Women International presents Rabbi Joseph Telushkin speaking on WORDS THAT HURT, WORDS THAT HEAL, Communication for Healthy Relationships. Rabbi Telushkin will be speaking on Thursday, October 25th from 7-9 PM at Clayton High School in the Commons & Auditorium. For more information, or to make a reservation, contact Carly Cooper, at email: or 314-607-8444.


Shul Hours

The Shul office hours are Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri. from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM. Closed on Wed.

Deadline for announcements: Noon on Thursday & for Mazel Tovs 10 AM on Friday

Rabbi Moshe Shulman’s email is


If you are interested in sponsoring a weekly Shul Announcement, please email Clare ( or call the Shul office (727-1880). Minimum suggested donation is $36. Thank you.