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This week’s announcements are sponsored by . David, Sean, Sheera & Yonatan Hirschhorn and Chaim and Freda Shiel in honor of Roz Hirschhorn being honored on October 2nd at the ISSL (Independent Schools St. Louis) dinner as a Teacher of Distinction, and in honor of her JESNA award to be presented at the GA assembly in Nashville in November; .and by Howard and Jackie Oppenheimer to commemorate the yahrzeit of Howard’s beloved mother, Beatrice Oppenheimer (Baila Nesse Bat Tzvi Hirsh Halevi).


Young Israel of St. Louis




Wednesday, Oct. 3rd

Shacharis............6:15 & 8:00 AM                                  Eruv Tavshilin



Wednesday, Oct. 3rd

Candle lighting...........6:23 PM                                       Mincha/Maariv......6:20 PM

Thursday, Oct. 4th

Hashkama Minyan...........7:30 AM                                Special Shiur ........5:15 PM

Shacharis..............9:00 AM                                           Mincha..........6:15 PM

Yizkor..............10:30 AM


Thursday, Oct. 4th

Candle lighting. no earlier than.................7:21 PM                      Maariv..........7:15 PM

                                                                                                                                                            Hakafos...........7:45 PM

Friday, Oct 5th

Hashkama Minyan............6:30 AM                               Hakafos........9:15 AM

Shacharis...............8:15 AM                                          Musaf..........12:45 PM

Welcome to our Yeshiva University Torah Tours Team: Yitzy Kolb, Ari Yablock, Yehudit Fischer, & Ariella Hollander.  They join our YU students who are home for the chag: Rena Garbow, Tova Esrig, Shlomit Cohen, Tzippy Shulman, Max Gornish, Alex Ozar & David Hellman.  Torah Tours has been made available to us through a generous grant from YU and Barbara and Marty Ast, on the occasion of the 16th yahrzeit of Herbert Ast, z'l, Marty's father.  Let's all enjoy and welcome our Torah Tour students to St. Louis, as we look forward to our Simchat Torah celebration.

Women’s Shiur:  We are pleased to have Nechama Price speaking on Friday at 10:45 AM in the Bais Midrash. Her topic:  “History Repeats Itself: The Shevatim in Tanach”.



Friday, Oct. 5th

Candle lighting............6:20 PM                          Shachars during week:  Sun. 8:00 AM

Mincha/Maariv............6:15 PM                         Mon., Thurs. & Fri        6:30 AM

                                                                        Tues. & Wed.   .           6:40 AM

            Saturday, Oct. 6th                                                                                             

Hashkama Minyan............. 7:30 AM                 Mincha & Maariv during week - 6:15 PM                      

Chumash Shiur...........8:00 AM                          Daf Yomi shiur during week: See Rabbi Rosenbloom

Shacharit........ ........9:00 AM                                        Sof Z’man Krias Shema .9:55 AM

Special Shiur..............5:10 PM                         

Mincha..............6:10 PM                                   The Eruv is........UP!!

Shabbos Ends.............7:18 PM                       Evening Shema......after 7:21 PM 

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan: Friday, October 12 and Shabbos, October 13


Kiddush:  sponsored by the friends of Allan, Jodi & Dalia Maram to wish them good luck on their move.  Alechim Shalom to the Marams as they spend their last Shabbat with us in St. Louis for now.  The Marams will be moving to Dallas, where we wish you much happiness and success.  Please know you will be missed.  We hope you will come back often to visit us.  

Shalosh Seudos:  sponsored by Allan, Jodi & Dalia Maram to extend a Hakarat Hatov to the entire Young Israel community for their friendship and support.  They wish Rabbi & Rebbetzin Shulman much Hatzlocha as they continue to lead and inspire the Young Israel family.


REFUAH SHELAIMAH – Dr. Hillel Nachum Goldstein (ben Batya Eta), Rafael Dovid Grunberger (ben Bracha), Ruven Kirshner (ben Tovah Chaya), Zev Eliezer (ben Chaya Shaindel), Malka bas Chaya, and  Panina Medow Licht (Panina bas Rochel Ettel).


KIDNAPPED CHAYALEI ZAHAL- Gilad ben Aviva (Shallit), Ehud ben Malka (Goldwasser), and Eldad ben Tova (Regev)


MAZEL TOV - to Michael Makovsky, the author of a just published book, Churchill's Promised Land: Zionism and Statecraft, (Yale University Press), which examines Churchill's complex relationship with Zionism and what it reveals about his world view.  Michael has a PhD in diplomatic history from Harvard University and is a graduate of Block Yeshiva High School. The book is now

available on-line and at local book stores.

To Joan Heber on the birth of a granddaughter to Yosi & Yitti Heber of Oak Park, MI.  Mazel Tov, Joanie!


Sunday:            9-10 AM             Class in Trei-Asar given by Dr. Mitch Wolf. 

Mondays:          8:15 PM             Paths of Justice, taught in English by Uria Teperberg.

Tuesday:         11:00 AM             Women’s Parsha class given by Rabbis Rovinsky & Levitansky,

                                                                                                          After Maariv:       Talmud, Sanhedrin, Rabbi Amiel Rosenbloom.

Wednesday:      9:15 AM             Beit Midrash for Women: Shmuel I, Vardit Teperberg, 7916 Stanford Ave.            

Thursday:         After Maariv       Dr. Dov Zeffren, Topics from the weeklyParsha,

                                                     Mesechta Berachot class given by Dr. Norman Katz

TMK News

Registration is now open for the fourth annual Ulpan Ivrit - 5768 sponsored by Torah MiTzion Kollel. Adult and children's Hebrew classes
are taught by Vardit Teperberg and the Sherut Leumi girls at Young Israel every Tuesday & Wednesday.
Semester one: October 9th through January 9th (13 classes)
Semester two: January 15th through April 9th (13 classes)
$100 for each semester must be paid in advance. Every student receives his/her own workbook. Scholarships are available.
To register, please send a check made out to Torah MiTzion to 8222 Gannon, St. Louis, MO 63132.

*Beginning Crash Course in Hebrew Reading*       Learn to Read Hebrew in 5 easy lessons, taught by expert Hebrew teacher Vardit Teperberg
 5 Monday nights beginning October 15th, 7pm-8pm at Bais Abraham Congregation, 6910 Delmar Blvd. in University City.
  No Previous knowledge necessary.     Call Vardit 420-3696 or email for more information.

Community News

Save the Date!  Monday evening, October 22, at 7:30PM there will be a “Women's Only” event to Benefit displaced brides-to-be from Gush Katif.  Many families are still living in temporary shelters and do not have jobs.  Let's make a difference at this special Bridal Shower and L'Chaim.   Support these couples and join the fun at the home of Faye Newman, 7916 Stanford.   For reservations or more information call or email:  Debbie Schuman, 314-727-3123 (, or Janet Weinberg, 314-721-4523, (

Save the date:  Sunday, November 4, 2007* for Ohr Atid's First Annual Trivia Night! Do you know the capital of Brazil? Where were the 1964 Olympic Games held?  If you know the answers to these questions (or if you want to know) and are in the mood for a fun evening of trivia, food, games and prizes, you won't want to miss this event. Trivia Night will be held at Clayton Commons. Doors open at 6:30 PM and the games begin at 7:00 PM.   Pull together teams/tables of 8-10 players at $18 per person (or perhaps you wish to sponsor a table for $180). If you don't have a team, we will assign you to a table.  All proceeds benefit children with special needs in the St. Louis Jewish community.  For more information, or to register, contact Rachel Shapiro at 314-862-3745 or We hope to see you there!

"Our own" Michael Widlanski, Ph.D., a former New York Times and Cox News reporter with 20 years' experience reporting on the Middle East, will discuss "The Big Mouth Theory: Communication Power in the Global Arena" as he delivers the second annual Schusterman Lecture on Monday, October 8, at 7:15 p.m. in Holmes Lounge, Ridgley Hall.  The lecture, followed by a kosher reception, is free and open to the public. Reservations are requested before Oct. 8. For information, contact Jennifer Gibbs at 935-7003 or

Shul Hours

The Shul office hours are Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri. from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM. Closed on Wed.

Deadline for announcements:   Noon on Thursday & for Mazel Tovs 10 AM on Friday

Rabbi Moshe Shulman’s email is

If you are interested in sponsoring a weekly Shul Announcement, please email Clare ( or call the Shul office (727-1880).  Minimum suggested donation is $36.  Thank you.