The entire Young Israel family to welcome Merav and Chaim Possick, and family, to St. Louis


Young Israel of St. Louis




Friday, July 18

Candle lighting                                                  8:00 pm

Mincha /Ma’ariv                                               7:00 pm

Saturday, July 19

Hashkama                                                        7:30 am

Chumash Shiur                                                 8:00 am

Shacharit                                                          9:00 am

Sof Zman Kri’at Shema                                  9:33 am

Shiur* Rabbi Dovid Heber                                6:45 pm

Mincha                                                             7:50 pm

Shabbat Ends                                                   8:59 pm


*Shiur Topic

Bein Hamtzarim: Lessons from the Parshas

Read During the Three Weeks

Weekly Shacharit

Sunday                                                             8:00 am

Monday & Thursday                                        6:30, 8:00 am

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday                         6:40, 8:00 am


Mincha & Ma’ariv                                            7:55 pm


Kiddush:sponsored by Yetra Goldberg in observance of the yahrtzeit of her beloved husband, Israel Goldberg.


Seudah Shlishit: sponsored by Lenny and Chaya Raizel Flaks in observance of the yahrtzeit of Lenny’s beloved father, Chaim Flaks.


Eruv                                                                UP





Mazel Tov to Stuart and Betty Ozar on the recent birth of a grandson. Mazel Tov to the parents, Naomi and Nechemia Mond, of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Mazel Tov to the great-grandparents, Rosaline Sonnenwirth and Dr. & Mrs Milton Ozar.



·                                                                                                                                             Gershon Yitzchak ben Matil Tziril

·                                                                                                                                             Rafael Dovid Grunberger (ben Bracha)

·                                                                                                                                             Ruven Kirshner (ben Tovah Chaya)

·                                                                                                                                             Zev Eliezer (ben Chaya Shaindel)

·                                                                                                                                             Malka (bat Chaya)

·                                                                                                                                             Erna Waltuch (Esther bas Rachel Leah)


·                                                                                                                                 Gilad (ben Aviva) Shallit


Membership Forms: By now you have received the updated membership form. Please complete and return it to the office as soon as possible. If you did not receive a form, please contact Judy in the office.


Please Help: With the Yom Tovim rapidly approaching, many communications will be sent by email. Please call Judy in the office if you do not have email access, so we can get the documents to you via US Mail or hand delivery.

Thank you: to Joe & Izzy Yazdi and Jonty & Juli-Ann Felsher for maintaining hallway decorum this Shabbat.

Save the Date: On Sunday, August 3, 2008, at the Shul, there will be a program to commemorate Sarah Adelman's 2nd yahrtzeit. The guest speaker will be Yocheved Schacter, CSW, who will speak on the topic "Can we talk? Biblical and Psychological Responses to Conflict." The Special Sponsors luncheon* will be from 11:45 a.m. -  12:45 p.m. *Sponsorship of a minimum of $100.00 includes two seatings for lunch and lecture. Community-wide lecture will be from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm, minimum donation of $18.00 per family. PLEASE MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR THE LUNCHEON BY SUNDAY BY CONTACTING JAN OR ED ADELMAN AT (314)863-5438 or EADELMAN@GRLAWSTL.COM OR AVRIL@WUSTL.EDU

Dear Friends: I have known Yocheved Schacter for a number of years, as she has been a regular lecturer at the Yarchei Kallah for both Rabbis and Rebbetzins, run by her husband, Rabbi J. J. Schacter. Yocheved is a wonderful speaker, with a great depth of insight and understanding into human nature. She has always been a great resource to us as rabbis and communal leaders, and is greatly respected by both her peers, and her patients. It is a privilege to have someone of this caliber in St. Louis for the annual Sarah Adelman lecture. Sincerely, Rabbi Shulman


Ball game: The 2nd annual Young Israel Night at the Ball Game is approaching fast. Come see our St. Louis Cardinals take on the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday, August 19th. First pitch is at 7:15 pm. Tickets are $26.00 each and they’re going fast. RSVP to Rachel Lubchansky at 314-726-2163 or Mincha/Maariv will also be held at the Stadium.


Kashrut Workshop: Sunday July 27th at the St Louis Kollel, 8200 Delmar, from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm. Speakers will be Rabbi Zvi Zuravin, Executive Director of  the Vaad Hoeir of St Louis, and Rabbi Dovid Heber, Administrator of the Star-K.


Lost & Found: A brown Sephardic siddur was lost in the shul recently. Anyone with information, please contact Jonathan Douek or the Shul office.


SHOW ME THE HOLIDAYS! The long awaited sequel to the Young Israel cookbook is (finally) getting under way. With all of the Yom Tov cooking coming up, we know you are going to be pulling out your best recipes and we want you to share them with us. We are looking for people to contribute their favorite holiday recipes, as well as people to taste, type and edit recipes. Recipes can be emailed to, and anyone interested in any of the other jobs can contact either Vicki Isakow via or 314-862-5661, or Bonnie Drazen via, or 314-727-3967. When submitting recipes, please let us know to what holiday your recipe pertains and whom to credit. Our goal is to have 200 recipes by August 15th. Recipes can also be dropped off at the Shul office.


Women's Tehillim Group: Will meet at Bobbi Gibli’s home on Delcrest Court-Bldg #2, Apt #204 at 9:00 am This week only. If you cannot participate in person, call (314) 504-5593. The new telephone number for the Tehillim hotline is (314) 995-7119.


The St. Louis Jewish Community Listserv (STLJCL) To sign up for the Listserve, e-mail


Get involved and make a difference! Tomchei Shabbos is asking for your help to support their ongoing efforts to ensure our community members have special food for Shabbos. Here’s how you can help: Drop off food any SUNDAY or MONDAY and place in bins under the deck at the Hartstein’s home at 8115 Delmar. (We kindly request that you do not make drop-offs any other day of the week, and that you only leave food in the secured plastic bins.) Requested items: canned veggies (most important), fruit, soup, desserts, and anything else that you wish to contribute (non-perishables only). Please do not put perishable food or monetary donations in the bin.

To make a monetary contribution, please contact Rachel Lubchansky at 314-726-2163. For any other questions, call Merle Hartstein at 314-469-7142.

We appreciate your ongoing support and thank everyone who has contributed thus far!


Fitness: Interested in an all-women’s fitness class that allows you to get a great workout and have fun? Introducing ZUMBA: a dance-based fitness craze that merges “infectious music, easy-to-follow dance moves, and body-beautifying benefits.” And, it’s great for all ages. Day of the week/Time: TBD. $5/class. (We need at least 10 people to start an ongoing class, so kindly respond by Aug. 1st.) To express interest, contact Natalie Sukhodolsky at 314-923-2513, 314-566-0874 or To learn more about Zumba, visit:


We welcome our new Israeli shlichim, Merav and Chaim Possick.

Chaim invites everyone to join his weekly shiur on the parsha, 8:00 am at Young Israel.

Mishnat Pinchas (parent/child learning) has been postponed. Start-up date will be announced.


The TMK Beit Midrash for Women: Merav Possick will begin teaching this Beit Midrash August 20th.

Save the date: August 16 in the afternoon for Seudah Shlishit at the Oberlanders, 8347 Cornell, to bid farewell to Shany Batit and Eliana Smith before they return home to Israel.

New Video Screening on Tisha B'Av afternoon. The video "Come Let us Go Up" will be presented on late Tisha B'Av afternoon, Sunday August 10th at 4:50 PM at Young Israel Synagogue. The free screening shows a recent Chodesh Av when Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute ascended the Temple Mount in strict accordance with Jewish halachic law. This visit was documented on camera, as Rabbi Richman takes the viewer on a complete tour of the holiest site on earth. You will learn the history of the Mount and where the Sanctuary and its courtyards were located, and you will also see stark evidence of the illegal Moslem destruction on the Mount presently taking place. You will witness the difficulties experienced by all Jews who visit the Temple Mount today. You will stand literally meters away from where the Holy of Holies once stood. The film will be introduced by Rabbi Shulman and he will also lead a follow-up discussion, followed by tefillot Mincha at 7:20 PM.






Shul Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

Deadline for announcements:  Noon on Thursday & for  Mazel Tovs 10 AM on Friday

Rabbi Shulman’s email is  Rabbi Shulman can also be reached at his home study during hours when the office is closed, at 725-6130.

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donation is $36.











The following is a very brief summary of the halachot pertaining to the Three Weeks. If there are special circumstances of questions, please feel free to email the Rabbi at


Curtailing Rejoicing

1.                                                                                                                              Weddings should not be performed during this period.

2.                                                                                                                              Engagements may take place with a meal until the 1st of Av. From the 1st of Av until after Tisha B’Av they may take place with refreshments only.

3.                                                                                                                              Dancing and playing or listening to music is prohibited. A musician who earns his living by playing for non-Jews may do so until the 1st of Av. As well, according to Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, one may utilize music for a functional purpose such as aerobic exercise or to keep oneself up during a long car drive.

4.                                                                                                                              The custom is to refrain from reciting the blessing "sh’hecheyanu" on new garments or fruit, except on Shabbat. (New clothes can be worn on Shabbat even with a She’hechiyanu up until the 1st of Av.)

Haircuts, Shaving, Cutting Nails

1.                                                                                                                              The custom is to refrain from taking a haircut, including the beard.

2.                                                                                                                              Trimming the mustache is permitted if it interferes with eating. Combing and brushing the hair is permitted.

3.                                                                                                                              A person who usually shaves daily (in a permitted manner) and would suffer business or financial loss by not shaving, may do so until the 1st of Av, or at most until the Friday before Tisha B’Av. In any case, in case of specific questions, please ask a personal she’elah.

4.                                                                                                                              Cutting the nails is permitted until the Friday before Tisha B’Av (with the exception of this year, as indicated below). Even then it is permitted for a woman before immersion, or for a man as well, in honor of the Shabbat (for example if Tisha B'Av is on Shabbat and postponed to Sunday, or if it is on Sunday itself).