Young Israel of St. Louis


PARSHAT TERUMAH                               


In honor of Ellie Sonnenwirth’s 18th birthday, with love, from her family.

Friday February 19h  

Candle lighting                                                  5:26 pm

Mincha/Maariv                                                 5:25 pm

Saturday February 20th

Hashkama                                                        7:30 am

Shacharit                                                          9:00 am

Sof Zman Kriat Shema                                   9:31 am

Pre-Mincha Shiur *                                          4:20 pm

Bnei Akiva                                                       5:10 pm

Mincha                                                             5:20 pm

Shabbat Ends                                                   6:27 pm



"Who was Achashveirosh and why does it matter?”

(part 2)


Kiddush: Sponsored by Warren, Vicki, Dovi and Adira Isakow in honor of Leora Hadassa’s first birthday.


Seudah Shlishit: Sponsored by Stan & Leila Biel and family, and Abe Redlich in loving memory of Shirley Redlich.

Weekly Shacharit

Sunday                                                             8:00 am

Monday                                                           6:30 am

Tuesday, Wednesday                                       6:40 am


Thursday - Taanit Esther

Fast begins                                                       5:21 am

Shacharit                                                          6:15 am

Chatzot                                                            12:15 pm

Mincha                                                             5:20 pm

Fast ends                                                          6:32 pm


Friday                                                              6:40 am


Mincha/Maariv                                                 5:30 pm





Rabbi Sholom Rivkin                                          הרב שלום בן נעכא פייגא

Rebbetzin Paula Rivkin                                      פעסיא בת הינדא ברכה

Gershon Yitzchak                                              גרשון יצחק בן מאטל צירל

Rafael Dovid Grunberger                                   רפאל דוד בן ברכה

Ruven Kirshner                                                 ראובן בן טובה חיה

Zev Eliezer Wolff                                              זאבאליעזר בן חיה שיינדל

Herbert Baron                                                   יעקב שמואל בן אסתר מרים

Ellen Pinnas                                                      חוה בת פייגא

Noa Buchman                                                   נעָה מלכה בת טובה רבקה

Chaya Basya Herber                                         חיה בתיה בת אלטא נחמה

Laura Sagerman                                                אהובה בת חוה

Betty Resnick                                                   בשי בת חיה ביילא

Sender Axelbaum                                              אלכסנדר בן שרה רבקה

                                                                        מאירה מינדל בת חוה גולדא


Gilad (ben Aviva) Shallit


Young Israel is looking for youth leaders to run the Shabbat morning groups. If you are in 9th- 12th grade and want to work with kids, please contact Bonnie Drazen at: 727-3967 or Merav Possick at: 314-4203696 ASAP!

CHAYA NEWMAN TO SPEAK:Monday, February 22nd, at Young Israel, 7:00-8:30pm. Block Yeshiva High School is sponsoring the renowned Jewish high school principal and psychologist, director of the National Torah Umesorah Women’s Educational Division. Workshop:Our Children, Our Values(for the community’s parents of young and old),” For more info, contact BYHS at 314-442-6737.


Wednesday night, February 24th, 8:00 pm

Young Israel Social Hall

For all women and girls-9th grade and up

Led by Rachel Armoza


Thursday, February 25th

For Purim Chaggigah

10 am -2 pm – come for any or all of the time


See Attached Schedule


Purim day, February 28th, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Led by Bnei Akiva

Booths, prizes, lunch

For more info, contact Merav at 420-3696


Sunday afternoon, February 28th,2:00 pm

Beginning at the corner of Gay and Cornell


Saturday night, March 13th

To discuss “A Letter in the Scroll” by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks



Rabbi Shulman,

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar, Michlalah held an auction to raise money to help pay for weddings for those who can't afford to pay the expenses. One of the items up for bid was for Rav Chaim Kanievsky to daven for one name. The St. Louis girls in Michlalah got together and decided to bid for it for the refuah shleimah of Meira Mindel bas Chava Golda. The bid sold for 13,000 shekel.

We all know the Breslers. They play a huge part in our community, and the recent news about Meira has affected each and every member of the St. Louis community. Following her parents' footsteps, Meira has also dedicated her life to helping our community and the Jewish community at large. Meira embodies excitement for life and passion for Torah. How perfect is it that this auction took place on Rosh Chodesh Adar, the time when we bring in happiness for the entire year! And the money from the auction will go towards making brides and grooms happy on their wedding day, and preparing them for a happy life together.

When tragedy strikes, it is a call for the community to unite in prayer and acts of kindness. As part of the St. Louis community, we felt that in addition to our personal prayers, having the gadol hador, Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a, personally daven for Meirah Mindel bas Chava Golda, would be a huge merit for her speedy recovery.

Meira's name will be hand delivered to Rav Kanievsky by one of the rabbis at our school.

Please help us make this possible by contributing whatever you are able to give. No donation is too small.

With Hashem's help, we hope that we hear only good news and we merit to see Meira's full and speedy recovery.

Tizku L'Mitzvot, Eliana Biel, Shira Kandel, Tirtza Simon, Goldie Spetner, and Leia Wachsstock


[Please make checks to: Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, Memo - Michlalah Campaign and bring or send to the office.]



NEED A PURIM COSTUME??? The Purim costume gemach is located at the home of Mrs Chavie Frank, 922 Abbeville. The only requirement is that the costumes be returned clean within 2 weeks after Purim. Please call 863-7541 for the available times of the gemach.

PURIM PIZZAZZ !  FREE FAMILY FUN!Come celebrate, Sunday, February 21st, at 10:30am at EHA, 1138 N Warson Rd. All community preschool and kindergarten children and their families are invited to Epstein Hebrew Academy’s Annual Purim Pizzazz, featuring JoJo the Clown, our costume Purim Parade, & fun Arts and Crafts, including mask making, groggers, picture frames, and more! So much to do! So much fun! Come, be our guest! No charge for admission!

WOMENS’ TEHILLIM GROUP: Meets at Bobbi Gibli’s condo on Delcrest Court-Bldg #2, Condo #204, Sundays @ 9:30 am. If you cannot participate in person, call (314) 504-5593. The Tehillim hotline for names and updates is (314) 995-7119.


Purim Night: February 27th at the JCC, 8:30pm-midnight: NCSY, JSU & BBYO present multi-media megillah, mechanical bull, inflatables, food and your favorite staff from around the country. Cost $10.


Mishnat Pinchas: Mishnat Pinchas continues on Shabbat starting 5 minutes after Kiddush.

Beit Midrash for Women: TMK Beit Midrash for Women is at the home of Faye Newman (7916 Stanford), on Wednesdays at 9 am.


Shul Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

Deadline for announcements:  Noon on Thursday & for Mazel Tovs 10 AM on Friday

Rabbi Shulman’s personal contact info:, 314‑725‑6130 (home study)

Young Israel Web-site:

To sponsor a weekly Shul Announcement, for $36, email Judy ( or call (727-1880).