Young Israel of St. Louis


SHABBAT KORACH                                   ROSH CHODESH TAMMUZ


The Iken Family to welcome back Donna from her semester abroad in Morocco and to congratulate Daniel on his being awarded the 2010 ADL Kranzberg Scholarship Award and other awards.

The Harris/Pollack family in loving memory of Sylvia Bolker, mother of Sharon Harris Pollack, on her yahrtzeit

Larry, Max & Sabrina Gornish in honor of Roberta’s birthday

Michael, Inna & Daniel Somorov in honor of Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah

Friday June 11th

Candle lighting                                                  8:08 pm

Mincha/Maariv                                                 7:00 pm

Saturday June 12th 

Hashkama                                                        7:30 am

Shacharit                                                          9:00 am

Sof Zman Kriat Shema                                   9:19 am

Pre-Mincha Shiur*                                           7:00 pm

Mincha                                                             8:00 pm

Shabbat Ends                                                   9:08 pm



Pirkei Avot: The Worldviews of Our Sages and the Historical Context from which They Emerge.


Kiddush: Sponsored by Eli & Adi Feen in honor of their new daughter, Noa Rut.

Seudah Shlishit:Sponsored by the Green family to commemorate the first yahrtzeit of Alan Green. Aaron Green will be making a siyum in honor of the occasion.

Weekly Shacharit

Sunday – 2nd day Rosh Chodesh                       8:00 am

Monday, Thursday                                           6:30 & 8:00 am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday                            6:40 & 8:00 am


Mincha/Maariv                                                 8:10 pm





Rabbi Sholom Rivkin                                          הרב שלום בן נעכא פייגא

Rebbetzin Paula Rivkin                                      פעסיא בת הינדא ברכה

Gershon Yitzchak                                              גרשון יצחק בן מאטל צירל

Rafael Dovid Grunberger                                   רפאל דוד בן ברכה

Ruven Kirshner                                                 ראובן בן טובה חיה

Zev Eliezer Wolff                                              זאבאליעזר בן חיה שיינדל

Herbert Baron                                                   יעקב בן אסתר מרים

Ellen Pinnas                                                      חוה בת פייגא

Noa Buchman                                                   נעָה מלכה בת טובה רבקה

Chaya Basya Herber                                         ברכה חיה בתיה בת אלטא נחמה

Laura Sagerman                                                אהובה בת חוה

Sender Axelbaum                                              אלכסנדר בן שרה רבקה

Joe Miller                                                          יוסף בער בן אסתר חיה

Yehoshua Sommer                                            יהושע בן זהבה

Joann Baron                                                      חנה יוכבד בת אסתר מרים

Teddy Zeffren                                                   טנחום טוביה בן פייגעל

                                                                        יואל אליעזר בן יוספה לאה

                                                                        נעכא אסתר בת שרה

                                                                        שרה לאה בת חנה גיטל

                                                                        דבורה טעניא בת פייגא לאה

                                                                        מרדכי בן שרה

                                                                                                חיה מאירה מינדל בת חוה גולדא


Gilad (ben Aviva) Shallit


Mazel Tov to Rachel Somorov on becoming a Bat Mitzvah. Mazel Tov to her parents, Michael & Inna Somorov.

Mazel Tov to Al Adelman on the upcoming wedding of another grandson, Eliemeir Adelman, to another Cohen girl, Rivka, daughter of Lynda & Byron Cohen.

Mazel Tov to more graduates: Daniel Iken on his being awarded the 2010 ADL Kranzberg Scholarship Award as well as the Clayton High School Armstrong Award. Daniel was also selected to participate on Team Israel at the 2010 World Junior Ultimate Frisbee Championships to take place in Heilbronn, Germany. Mordechai Raskas on graduating from medical school and Jen Raskas from the Kennedy School of Government.

Mazel Tov and Ye’yasher Kochech to Shelly Wolf on her retirement from Epstein Hebrew Academy after teaching our children for 37 years.


Our condolences to Diane Fredman and the Goldberg family on the passing of our dear friend, Mrs. Yetra Goldberg. Diane is sitting shiva in Israel until Tuesday morning and can be reached at 011-972-2-563-5078.


SHABBAT YOUTH GROUPS:The regular staff for the Shabbat groups are away for the summer. We are working on potential options for continuing during these months. Stay tuned for more details – the management team.

CLASSES: The Rabbi’s Wednesday night Gemara class and Tanach class are cancelled for this week, to allow everyone to attend the EHA annual open meeting at the school at 7:30 pm.

FOUND: 2 Knit kippot: One on Swarthmore Lane, Contact Menashe Hamm, 432-2591. The other is in the office.

COMING SOON - The Women's Shiur Returns!! On Shabbos afternoon, June 26, we will once again introduce our Shabbat afternoon Women's Shiurim. We hope to have 4 speakers over the course of the summer and encourage all women to join us at the shul @ 4:45 p.m. to listen, learn, think and discuss with the women of our community. Each shiur will finish in plenty of time to attend the regular pre-mincha shiur offerings. Our first speaker will be Rebbetzin Baila Shulman.

HAVERIM' BOOK CLUB: We are reading "The Coffee Trader” by David Liss. The book is available at the Brodsky library. The next discussion will be Shabbat, July 17, at 4:30 pm at the Sukhodolsky home.


TOMCHEI SHABBOS BREAKFAST: The entire community is invited to join us for the 2nd annual FREE Tomchei Shabbos Breakfast on Sunday, June 13th from 9:15 am to 10:30 am at Nusach Hari-Bnai Zion. Boxes for donations will be available at the breakfast, or you can call for a donation pick-up (Merle Hartstein: 725.1192).


Mishnat Pinchas: Mishnat Pinchas continues on Shabbat starting 5 minutes after Kiddush.

Beit Midrash for Women: TMK Beit Midrash for Women is at the home of Faye Newman (7916 Stanford), on Wednesdays at 9 am.

Camp Derech Eretz: July 26th-August 13th. To register, call 314-420-7880 or email:



Will resume with the new school year.


Shul Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

Deadline for announcements:  Noon on Thursday & for Mazel Tovs 10 AM on Friday

Rabbi Shulman’s personal contact info:, 314‑725‑6130 (home study)

Young Israel Web-site:

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