Young Israel of St. Louis




Ted & Shirley Zeffren in memory of their beloved mechutin, Paul Friedman, and

 in memory of their much loved cousin, Freyda Fredman

Friday, October 29th  

Candle lighting                                                   5:47 pm

Mincha/Maariv                                                  5:45 pm

Saturday, October 30th

Hashkama                                                        7:30 am

Chumash Shuir – Rabbi Asher Yablok                8:00 am

Shacharit                                                          9:00 am

Sof Zman Kriat Shema                                     10:05 am

Bnei Akiva                                                        no Bnei Akiva this week

Pre-Mincha Shiur*                                            4:35 pm

Mincha                                                             5:35 pm

Shabbat Ends                                                    6:45 pm


How Old Were Rivka & Yitzchok and

Why Does it Matter

Kiddush: Sponsored by Danny & Sara Wachsstock in recognition of the honor of his being called to be Chatan Torah.

Seudah Shlishit: Sponsors invited

Weekly Shacharit

Sunday                                                             8:00 am

Monday, Thursday,                                            6:30 am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday                              6:40 am

Mincha/Ma’ariv                                                5:45 pm






Rabbi Sholom Rivkin                                          הרב שלום בן נעכא פייגא

Rebbetzin Paula Rivkin                                      פעסיא בת הינדא ברכה

Gershon Yitzchak Zeffren                                  גרשון יצחק בן מאטל צירל

Rafael Dovid Grunberger                                   רפאל דוד בן ברכה

Ruven Kirshner                                                 ראובן בן טובה חיה

Zev Eliezer Wolff                                              זאבאליעזר בן חיה שיינדל

Chaya Basya Herber                                         ברכה חיה בתיה בת אלטא נחמה

Laura Sagerman                                                אהובה בת חוה

Sender Axelbaum                                              אלכסנדר בן שרה רבקה

Yehoshua Sommer                                            יהושע בן זהבה

Marilyn Sivak                                                    מרים בת בתיה

Betty Goldstein Parker                                       ביילה יענטא בת חיה

                                                                        יואל אליעזר בן יוספה לאה

                                                                        נעכא אסתר בת שרה

                                                                        שרה לאה בת חנה גיטל

                                                                        דבורה קעניא בת פייגא לאה

                                                                        מרדכי בן שרה

                                                                        רות בת שרה

                                                                        יהודית בת בריינא

                                                                        רבקה לאה בת חוה צביה

                                                                        דוד הלל בן יוכבד

                                                                                                חיה מאירה מינדל בת חוה גולדא


Gilad (ben Aviva) Shalit

CLAIM YOUR COATS, ETC: Items that have been left in Shul (coats, scarves, toys, dolls, etc) have all been put on the coat rack downstairs and will be donated on November 12th. Please claim your belongings.


Mazel tov to Dugie & Lisa Baron on the engagement of their daughter, Alana, to Joey Rosenfeld of Woodmere, NY.

BRIT MILAH: For Bialecki Twin #2, on Sunday, Oct 31st, immediately after Shacharit – 8:30am.


Our condolences to Zev Fredman and family on the passing of their mother, wife, sister, and grandmother, Freyda Fredman. Shiva is at the Fredman home, 8191 Stratford, through Monday morning. Minyan times are: Shacharit: Sunday at 8am and Monday at 7am, and Mincha/Maariv: Sunday at 5:45 pm. If you want to help with meals please contact Ruth Raskas at

Our condolences to Karen Zeffren and family on the passing of their father, husband, and grandfather, Paul Friedman. Shiva is at the Zeffren home, 8138 Balson, through Tuesday morning. Minyan times are: Shacharit: Sunday at 8am, Monday-Tuesday at 7am, and Mincha/Maariv: Sunday–Monday at 5:45 pm. If you want to help with meals, please contact Judy Hellman at 862-8432 or Roz Hirschhorn at 725-1719.

May the families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.


MOVIE AND SHMOOZE: Our first movie “The Transparent Kippah” is this week, October 30th, 8:00 pm in the Beit Midrash.

NEW WOMEN’S SHIUR: The first Matil Tzirel Shiur will on November 6th, with Shira Yablok, at the home of Sara Green, 8140 Tulane Ave, promptly at 3:15 pm. The second is planned for December 4th, time to be announced, with Merav Possick, at the home of Ruth Asher, 7941 Gannon.

HAVERIM BOOK CLUB: The next book is "Ester and Ruzya" by Masha Gessen, and the next discussion will be Sunday, November 7 at 6 pm at the same place.

RABBI CHAIM EISEN: We are pleased to announce the visit of Rabbi Chaim Eisen from Israel next Shabbat. Included in his full schedule are an Oneg Shabbat for all high school/college girls, the Shabbat afternoon pre-mincha shiur at Young Israel, a melave malka at the home of Adam & Tara Klein, 8112 Tulane at 8:30 pm, and a community lecture on Sunday night, November 7th, 8:00 pm at Young Israel.

NEW MEMBER DINNER:Friday, November 12, after davening. Cost: $15/adult and children 12 & up, $7/children under 12, with a $60 max/family. Please RSVP to the office as soon as possible.


HANUKAH HUGS: It’s that time again. The JFCS has given us a big box to fill with new unwrapped toys, books, etc to be distributed for Chanukah. The box is downstairs by the office. As you begin to shop for Chanukah, please think about purchasing an extra item.

WOMENS’ TEHILLIM GROUP:Will be meeting at Jan Adelman’s home 8032 Amherst, Sunday, October 31, @ 9:30 am. If you cannot participate in person, call (314) 863-5438. The Tehillim hotline for names and updates is (314) 995-7119.


JR Shabbaton: NHBZ, November 5-7. We are in desperate need of housing. If you live within reasonable walking distance of NHBZ and can house NCSYers and a staff member for the weekend (or to register), please call Rabbi Mike at 314-498-6279.

JR Event: Build your own ice cream sundae and enjoy a movie at NHBZ this Saturday night, Oct 30th, 7:45 pm.

NCSY GOES TO THE MOVIES: New Harry Potter Movie on Saturday night November the AMC 12 (near Kohns). The movie begins at 7:30 pm. (plan to arrive at 7:00 pm). Tickets are $9 for children age 12 and under, and $11 for those over age 12. To order tickets, call or text 314 498 6279 or email  ORDER TODAY!!!!!!!


A Light to Remember: We are happy to announce that Harvey and Dorit Daphna-Iken will be honored at JSU’s "A Light to Remember" evening of dining and entertainment, with a special tribute to Alice Fasman, the Clayton High School JSU Facility Advisor. December 18, 7:30 pm at the Performing Arts & Education Center at the JCC. For more info, contact Rabbi Mike at or 314-498-6279.


Save the Date: TMK’s gala fundraising event: “A Celebration of Chanukah” on Saturday night, December 4th, the 5th night of Chanukah, 7:30 pm at the Cedars at the JCA, 13190 S Outer 40 Rd.

Mishnat Pinchas: Starting 5 minutes after Kiddush.

Beit Midrash for Women: TMK Beit Midrash for Women is at the home of Faye Newman (7916 Stanford) this Wednesday at 9am.

·                                                                                                                                             Ulpan:Mondays and Tuesdays. For more info, contact Gilat at or call 609-1951.

·                                                                                                                                             Bat Mitzvah Program: The Ruth Fredman Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program - Sundays at 6:45pm.


Opening Event: Sunday, November 7th, 5-7:15pm, for all chanichim grades 2-7, held in the yard of Marvin Schneider, 12331 Ladue Rd. Drop off & pick up is next door at Traditional Cong, 12437 Ladue Rd. Join us for an “Israeli-Style Kumzitz & Bon Fire”. Cost $5. For more info contact Merav at 420-3696 or


Shul Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

Deadline for announcements:  Noon on Thursday & for Mazel Tovs 10 AM on Friday

Rabbi Shulman’s personal contact info:, 314‑725‑6130 (home study)

Young Israel Web-site:

To sponsor a weekly Shul Announcement, for $36, email Judy ( or call (727-1880).