Young Israel of St. Louis


PARSHAT MIKETZ                                                  SHABBAT CHANUKAH      SHABBAT MEVORCHIM


Family and friends of Avi Rovinsky and Lizzy Bentley in honor of their upcoming marriage.

Friday, December 23rd

Candle Lighting                                                                    4:26 pm

Mincha/Maariv                                                                    4:25 pm

Saturday, December 24th 

Hashkama                                                                              7:30 am

Chumash Shiur                                                                     no shiur this week

Shacharit                                                                               8:45 am

Sof Zman Kri’at Shema                                                     9:38 pm

Pre-Mincha Shiur                                                                 3:30 pm

Bnei Akiva                                                                            no bnei akiva this week

Mincha                                                                                  4:15 pm

Shabbat Ends                                                                       5:26 pm




Kiddush: Sponsored by Erven & Shirley Rovinsky and Geraldine Soldinger in honor of their grandson, Avi's upcoming marriage to Lizzy Bentley of Indianapolis.

Seudah Shlishit:Sponsored by Mickey & Rose Ann Ariel to commemorate the 10th yahrtzeit of Mickey's mother, Beverly Ariel.

Weekly Shacharit

Sunday                                                                                  8:00 am

Monday through Thursday                                               6:30 & 8:00 am

Friday                                                                                     6:40 & 8:00 am


Mincha/Maariv                                                                    4:30 pm


Rosh Chodesh Tevet                                                          Monday/Tuesday December 26/27




8:45 am - TMK Tanach for Teens - Rabbi Assi Gastfraind

9:00 am - Tanach: Kings & Prophets - Dr. Mitch Wolf

8:45 am - Shiur for grades 6-8 - Rabbi M. Rovinsky


9:15 am - Tanach (Shoftim) - Rabbi Shulman

12:45 pm - TMK Women’s Beith Midrash (@ Newman’s) – Yael Shachak

7:30 pm - Talmud (Rosh Hashanah) - Rabbi Shulman

8:00 pm - Beit Midrash (TMK & St. Louis Kollel)


11:30 am - Parsha (Women) - Rabbis Shulman/Mintz

7:15 pm - Talmud (Sotah) (Men) - Rabbi Rosenbloom


12:00 pm - Sifrei Halacha - Dr. Joe Feder

12:45 pm - TMK Women’s Beith Midrash (@ Newman’s) – Yael Shachak

8:00 pm - Tanach (Shoftim) - Rabbi Shulman


7:15 pm - Parsha - Dr. Dov Zeffren

7:15 pm - Talmud (Brachot) - Dr. Norman Katz

8:30 pm – Mishmar - TMK


8:00 am - Parsha –Rabbi Boaz Shachak

5 min into Kiddush - Mishnat Pinchas Parent/Child Learning

Pre-Mincha - Parsha / Topical - Rabbi Shulman

Between Mincha & Maariv -- Girls grades 8-12, Rabbi Rovinsky


ברכה חיה בתיה בת אלטא נחמה

מלכה גיטל בת עדינה

יהודית דבורה נעכא אסתר בת שרה

שרה לאה בת חנה גיטל

יהודית בת בריינא

שירה פייגא בת מאירה ליבא

קפירה חוהיהודית בת קיילה

גיטל יהודית בת הינדה

בריינא זיסל ברכה בת מינקה

מרים זעלדא בת חנה

שיינדל בת גיטל

דבורה פריווא בת אסתר בילה

חיה הדסה זהבה בת לאה רויזע

יהודית בת לאה

שושנה בת בערטא

מרים אורית בת דבורה

חיה פייגא בת לאה

רחל בת אסתר

בתיה רחל בת חי צביה

גרשון יצחק בן מאטל צירל

רפאל דוד בן ברכה

ראובן בן טובה חיה

זאבאליעזר בן חיה שיינדל

אלכסנדר בן שרה רבקה

יהושע בן זהבה

יואל אליעזר בן יוספה לאה

דוד הלל בן יוכבד

יעקב דוד רפאל בן חנה מינדל

תנחום טוביה בן פייגעל

יוסף בער בן אסתר חיה

הלל יצחק בן לאה נעמי

אריאל יונתן בן בלומה

נח בן אסתר רייזל


Mazal Tov to Rabbi Michael & Selina Rovinsky on the aufruf and upcoming marriage of their son, Avi, to Lizzy Bentley. We welcome grandparents Erven & Shirley Rovinsky of Dallas, and Geraldine Soldinger of Phoenix, Moshe and Saara Moskowitz of Providence, Rhode Island; The Mirsky Family of Plano, Texas; Sheldon & Brenda Jappa of Orange Beach, Alabama; The Parness Family from Atlanta, Georgia; Dodi Lamm of West Hempstead, New York; and the Holy Brothers: Jordy Whisler, Yosef Gillers and Zach Ruben.

Mazal Tov to Stuart & Betty Ozar on the births of two grandsons -- One born to Naomi and Nechemia Mond in Silver Spring, MD and the other born to Rivka and Sam Goldenhersh of St Louis. Mazal Tov to great-grandmothers, Rosaline Sonnenwirth and Tamie Goldenhersh.. The Goldenhersh's Shalom Zachor will be at the Ozar home, 8134 Amherst, after 7:30 pm. Stuart & Betty will be in Silver Spring for the Mond baby's Shalom Zachor and brit milah, but Sam and Rivka will welcome everyone at the Ozar home.

Shabbat Mi Sheberach List: We are embarking on a new approach to maintaining the Shabbat Mi Sheberach list in the weekly announcements. In order to properly manage the list and keep it updated, we are asking for your assistance. Moving forward, our list will remain active for two months at a time. At the end of that time, it will be rebuilt. With advance notice, we will be asking you to resubmit any names to include at that time. We will begin rebuilding the list for Shabbat of December 31, Parshat Vayigash. If you would like us to include a name (whether presently on the list or not), please submit both Hebrew and English names to Judy in the office. Also, please indicate whether or not to publicize the English name on the announcements. We want to focus the list primarily on members of our community and their extended families.


RABBI'S CLASSES: The Rabbi's classes on Monday ONLY are on hiatus for the next week and will resume January 2nd.

WINTER PARENT/CHILD LEARNING: Our Motzei Shabbat parent/child learning for children grades K-5 continues this week at 6:30 pm. Sponsorships of $36 are available.


THANK YOU: Thank you to Pesach & Allison Zaromb who are the ushers for the youth groups.

ANNUAL BLOOD DRIVE: Save your blood donations for our annual blood drive on January 8, 2012, 10 am – 4 pm. We are still in need of volunteers for the day of the drive. There are many ways that you can help. Please contact Judy or Bob Hellman at 314-862-8432. To make an appointment to give blood, contact the American Red Cross at (code YIJS) or call 800 RED-CROSS. Walk-in donors are welcome, however appointments will take priority.

ANNUAL YOUNG ISRAEL DINNER FEBRUARY 12TH: Young Israel is pleased to announce the honorees for this year's dinner, Dr. Mitch and Shelly Wolf, and Distinguished Service Awardee Howard Oppenheimer, with renowned performing artist, Shlomo Simcha, featuring "Songs of Jerusalem". We have started to collect ads for the Ad Journal. Anyone that you do business with is a good prospect for an ad. Please check with Judy Hellman or Jackie Gerson to make sure that are no duplications. We need everyone's participation to make a successful journal.


JCC'S HANUKAH HOOPLAH: Sunday, December 25th, featuring a booth manned by TMK, under the direction of Rich Axelbaum, making Chanukah candles. We are looking for volunteers to help in the booth either 9:30 am – 11:30 am or 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Gilat Gastfraind at 314-609-1838 or Boaz Shachak at 314-420-8080 or email

SHCHITA CLASS: A class in Hilchot Shchita is now being formed. Anyone interested can call Ethan Schuman at 314 791 2951 for more details.

TOMCHEI SHABBOS: The need is still great. The bin for Tomchei Shabbos will be downstairs outside the office door. Donations throughout the winter are appreciated.


A LIGHT TO REMEMBER: We are pleased to announce that the Annual JSU Gala, A Light to Remember, will take place on January 21st at the newly renovated Peabody Opera House (formally Kiel Opera House).This will be the first kosher event at this venue. The evening will include an elegant dinner along with special entertainment. This year's honorees are David & Lynnsie Balk Kantor. Special tribute will be paid to JSU faculty advisors, Vince DeBlasi and Ellen Summa of Lafayette and Ladue high schools, respectively. Please help JSU take advantage of an anonymous benefactor's generous offer to match any increase you make over last year's gift. For more information, contact Danielle Bialecki 314-265-6415 Rabbi Mike at 314-498-6279 or visit


Mishnat Pinchas: Starting 5 minutes after Kiddush.

Beit Midrash for Women: Mondays and Wednesdays at the home of Faye Newman, 7916 Stanford at 12:45 pm.

Beit Midrash Learning: Mondays at Young Israel 8 - 9:30pm

Mishmar learning: Thursdays at Young Israel at 8:30 pm.

Bnei Akiva: For children in grades 2-8, beginning the same time as Mincha. For more info, contact Yaara at 570-3052 or Efrat at 825-9836.

Ruth Fredman Mother and Daughter Bat Mitzvah Progam: At Young Israel, 6:45-8:15 pm. Contact Suzanne Sundy for more info and to register at 727-6083.


Shul Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

Deadline for announcements:  Noon on Thursday

Deadline for Mazal Tovs 10 AM on Friday

Rabbi Shulman’s personal contact info:, 314-725-6130 (home study)

314-313-3120 (cell)

Young Israel Web-site:

To sponsor a weekly Shul Announcement, for $36, email Judy ( or call (314-727-1880)