Welcome the Young Israel of St. Louis

Yes, this meant as a joke. If we offended anyone, we apologize. The real website is still here.

Music from Aish Hatorah

Rabbi Moshe Shulman

Rabbi Moshe Shulman
  • In the movies, Rabbi Shulman's part is played by his twin brother Chuck Norris.
  • Rabbi Shulman can power up a microphone with his stare and shut down Windows Media Player with his voice.
  • Rabbi Shulman can browse the Internet with a pocket calculator.
  • When Rabbi Shulman's name is typed, the first letter capitalizes itself.
  • Saying Rabbi Shulman's name repeatedly contributes to the common good in the universe.
  • Rabbi Shulman's love for his shul heats up the planet by 2.35 degrees annually—a phenomenon also known as Global Warming.
  • If a sunbeam shines through the clouds, Rabbi Shulman is nearby.

Young Israel Dues Survey

Should the shul increase next year's dues by 75%?

Miss Going Out to Eat? Kvetch No Longer!

The Vaad Hoeir is proud to announce the opening of several major haute-cuisine restaurants in the St. Louis area:

  • Tana Hayk: Ethiopian Cuisine

    8101 Delmar Blvd.

    Hours: Last December

    Enjoy doro wot, chickpea wot and kik wot. Never ask "Wot's for dinner?" again!
  • The Marakesh Room

    8101 Delmar Blvd.

    Hours: Last January

    Chicken, fish or vegetarian, and only $125 a person! A bargain at a tenth the price!
  • Tein Li Chow Missouri

    8101 Delmar Blvd.

    Hours: Sometime in March

    A taste of real Chicago, only 5 hours old!
And don't forget Chinese food in the TICKi Room, and pizza from the Lion's Den, whenever they happen to be serving. The St. Louis shuls: feeding the soul, mind and stomach.

OK, it would be nice to have a real restaurant last for more than a couple of months...

Tales of the Delmar Hasidim

  • The cook for the Delmar rebbe once served him a new dish. He explained, "It is based on the mystical writings of the holy AR"I. It has a delicate pastry crust, symbolizing the k'lipah of the physical that surrounds our spiritual essence, symbolized by the light whipped potato filling. I call it a 'knish'. Be careful: it's very delicate." The holy rebbe took one bite, grimaced, and exclaimed:
    These super-fragile kabbalistic knishes are atrocious!
  • A distraught father came to the rebbe. "My son never listens! He never does his chores, he never helps around the house. I threaten, I spank him, I beat him, but nothing seems to help!" "Ach," replied the rebbe, "You are being too harsh. חנוך לנער על פי דרכו...you should speak more gently and avoid hitting him. After all,
    a potched tot never toils."
  • From the Midrash Shikker Tov
    When Esther was taken to Achashverosh's palace, she needed a way to keep kosher without revealing her true identity. So she prevailed upon the king to remodel the royal kitchen. When it was almost finished, with only a few holes in the walls that needed to be filled and painted, she showed it off to the rest of the harem: two sinks, two ovens, two dishwashers, built-in lightboxes to check for bugs, and much more. The wives were so jealous that they tore the place apart, and Esther spent the rest of her reign eating nothing but raw vegetables. The next day Mordecai explained:
    You shouldn't flaunt your kitchens before they're patched!
  • A Very Strange Carrot And always remember: The whole world is a very strange carrot, but the farmer is not afraid at all. (It's a pun...think about it)

Ten Reasons St. Louis is Better than Toronto

10: Obscure Team Names: "Raptors" isn't bad, but what's a "Blue" and why does it play hockey? And what is the world is a "Billiken"?

9: Save Money and Lose Weight: You can't go out to eat if the closest place is 300 miles away.

8: Weather: Don't like it? Wait an hour or two, it'll change!

7: Ted Drews, Maggie Moo's, Mrs. Field's, Krispy Kreme: Never mind the "lose weight" thing...

6: Connect to Your Ancestors: Where else does the electricity go out monthly and the highways shut down for years at a time? Get that authentic frontier feeling!

5: Two Jewish Communities in One: Small town finances, Big city politics

4: Real pluralism: We even named the shul after a vicious antisemite

3: Real Dollars, not those worthless Loonies. Oh, never mind

2: Thrill-a-minute, seat-of-your-pants eruv alerts

And the number one reason St. Louis is better than Toronto: We've got the Shulmans! Nyaah, Nyaah, Nyaah!

Upcoming Events

To reserve the shul for an event, please review the facility use information and contact the office. There may be dates reserved that have not yet been entered on the calendar.